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Services Include:

Landing Pages

The aim is for value-rich content to drive conversion. Relevant SEO keywords may be included when provided by clients.


Articles are seen as more authoritative in nature. Customers “trust” these pieces more than blogs. Relevant sources may be used. Those requiring interviews will have a higher price adjustment.


Topics should be based on popular themes that the target audience is using to find your topic or website in a search engine or previous content that was popular based on analytics. With new clients, the blogs will be centered on current keywords and relevant subtopics provided by clients. Blogs can be incorporated into websites to update a website and increase its listing on a search engine. Websites should be updated on a regular basis. Blogs can also be used in-house and sent via email to clients. The same blog may be used on multiple media channels.

Press Releases

This includes content written incorporating useful SEO terms and relevant quotes or statistics that clients will provide. Each piece can easily be turned into a short article for addition publications at a reasonable rate. The press release includes research and content. The material is sent back to the client and the client or a third party would seek publication.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

This information will provide the basis for keywords used for the content writing, blogging and words for advertisements if the client so chooses. This is useful for businesses that need to establish authority on a new site or to drive more prospects to their website.


Newsletters, email blasts and email created as part of an automated email marketing campaign can also be discussed. Editing and rewriting of existing content is also available

Each item submitted may undergo a maximum of 2 revisions based on client feedback and deadlines with project paid in full prior to the start. Each item can include SEO driving keywords and content. Email communications and 1 talk per week are included in the set rate. Technical, medical and/or legal writing may be quoted at higher rates.

Social Media Content

We can help you to maintain an online presence, enhance engagement with leads and clients, and create lead funnels of those interested in your products and services.

Copybridge does this by:

Utilizing relevant keywords, we create popular value-added content on a regular and timely basis that delivers your message and engages with your audience.  We partner with you to implement your marketing strategy when creating and reviewing content.

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of emerging and growing businesses. Copybridge will walk through the initial intake with you and together we will develop content to help you to achieve your next steps.

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