The Copybridge Commitment

Copybridge focuses on creating insightful content that delivers the core message of a company. We partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners with a passionate purpose, asking key questions and listening to their needs and desires. We want you and your audience to connect at an emotional and pragmatic level. Our similar core values enrich communications, enabling businesses and organizations to provide content of value to their audience and of benefit to their communities.

  • We commit to never overextending ourselves and therefore not having to outsource projects.

  • We give the time and attention necessary in order to hear what you want and align your desires with best practices.

  • We respond within a 24 hour time-frame.

  • We partner with a client and take our relationships seriously. You will not be left waiting for a response and are supported by Copybridge throughout your thought process and concept development.

Our Ideal Client

Copybridge is entrusted to help with the content needs and process of clarification for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our ideal client has a strong vision of their purpose and a desire to benefit their community. Their calling is an intrinsic motivator and informs their actions and behaviors. They simply need some guidance to get their ideas into a form that will inspire, educate and call to their audience.

Our Vision

Establish a better method of crafting copy that respects the writer and client relationship and uses informed communications to create the copy that clients deserve and that serves their audience.

The Sweet Words of Success

Our success stories come from when clients say that we have made their projects easier. Copybridge helps them take the next steps in their engagement with their audience that also aligns with their core values. We get excited to see our clients grow and receive the fruits of their labor.

Clients love the communication and suggestions provided that help them gain a further insight into their project and how the overall process can be.

  • I had hired a writer to complete a large website project and the results were dismal. With an important deadline looming, I had to act fast. I had never met Lisa but seen that her work was pretty terrific. All I can say is I wish I had found Lisa long ago. Not only did I receive content that exceeded expectations, it was delivered in half the time that this type of project typically takes to complete. Her research skills and ability to effectively capture the message are second to none. I look forward to a continued business relationship with Lisa. For anyone looking for a copywriter, it is well worth your time to hire Lisa. She is extremely accommodating and professional, and you can trust your projects are in very competent hands. Many many thanks Lisa.
    KerryLee M.
    KL Consulting & Creative Copywriting
  • Lisa has been a true asset to our content writing department. She's my go-to writer for a variety of topics and always delivers thoughtful, well-researched and well-written material. And I can also depend on her to get things done on time, which I really appreciate since we always seem to be working under time pressures. I'm so pleased to have Lisa on my Love List!

    Established SEO Agency
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the project was completed. Using Lisa's template and additional communications helped highlight exactly what we needed with short notice. She was professional, easy to work with and understood the urgency of our deadline. I would definitely recommend her and use the Copybridge services again.

    Alexander L
  • I was just speaking about how responsive you are and that you communicate with your clients. I have worked with a few writers and can’t seem to get a response from them. Keep up the great work. It is so hard to find great customer service. You provide that.
    Zentrum Motors & Peeka Foods
  • Excellent writing. I made some adjustments because the legal perspective is California, so it required some change in terminology. Otherwise, excellent!

    An Established Marketing Agency
  • Lisa is great. Very responsive writer. Lisa is writing for both of our companies. Highly recommend.
    Peeka Foods
  • "Wow! Great content. Great writing. Will send you the rest of the pages to write for the website. It's very convincing- makes me want to push the buy NOW button. Thank you Lisa!!!"
    Courtesy of Zentrum Motors
  • Thanks for the great work. You’ve vastly improved this blog post!

    Emerging Company in the Fields of Business and Marketing
  • Lisa, this is awesome! I appreciate your writing. Thank you!

    An Established Marketing Agency

Powered By Passionate Purpose

You have found a real need to fill and are filled in return. According to Russel Grieger Ph.D in The Power of Passionate Purpose, when individuals find a passionate purpose for their life, they live at Level 3, the highest of 3 levels.
You now:

  • Have developed the “why” behind personal actions, behaviors and decisions.
  • Express this “why” intentionally throughout the fabric of your life.
  • Experience deep fulfillment and joy during your life

Successful businesses, lives and movements arise from behavior centered around this “why” or “passionate purpose”.

Copybridge is honored and proud to provide the framework for the expression of your passionate purpose. We aspire to support and collaborate with you to help your purpose-driven business thrive and reach its full capabilities.

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

The Dalai Lama

Copybridge aims to help realize that potential.