Launch Your Corporate Blog Successfully

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June 9, 2016
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Launch Your Corporate Blog Successfully

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With the many major players inadvertently making errors of judgement when it comes to their company blog, it makes sense to put a process in place. You know you need a blog. A corporate blog gives your enterprise a personality and is a way to reach out to your audience. It is a useful way to build audience interest in your company through topics relevant to the needs of your viewers. In addition, blogs help with the SEO of your website. Searchers can find you and your valuable content through a quick online query. However, you should know a thing or two before creating a corporate blog to avoid a major hassle down the road. Understand these 3 top considerations before going public with your first corporate blog post.

Know the Legal Ramifications

There are a number of laws that pertain to misappropriations, libel and injuries suffered through a post on the web. It is important to know who will be involved in blogging and how companies may be held “vicariously” responsible for the statements from employees. Your site should post a limitation of liability or some form of disclaimer to help safeguard the company against potential legal issues. The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers a guide for those interested in legal issues surrounding blogging as an individual. The legal risks of corporate blogging is discussed at more length on Network World. Companies should speak with an experienced attorney to understand the laws as they pertain to their enterprise and use of a company blog.

Establish Blogging Policies

Blogging policies help safeguard financial information, trade secrets and keep blog content professional. You do not want a blogger to overshare details from their personal lives or make public insider knowledge about the company that may inadvertently hurt its reputation. Create a list of policies to define the type of material that will and will not be used as part of the company blog. In addition, you may want to consider what consequences will happen for those that attempt to use the blog in such a way as to generate negative publicity. Senior management should understand the intended use of company blogs and how they may participate. Encourage employee use of the company blog and help them understand the tone required as the content is of a public nature. The article, Creating a Corporate Blogging Policy? Here’s Six Areas to Consider, can help businesses begin outlining their own personal corporate blogging policy.

Be Sincere

Steer away from the overt marketing blog and generate real value for your audience. Your audience wants and deserves your honest opinion and helpful answers. A blog is a way for your company to be transparent about its values and efforts. Use your blog to connect with customers. Need inspiration for your corporate blog? Check out the corporate blogs on Alltop from AWS, Avaya, Bigelow Tea, Cisco and more. As you engage with your customer base, you will develop your understanding of what matters to them and better speak to their needs. Think:

“What can I share that will help my audience solve a specific issue?”

Remember, you are in business to serve others. Be approachable and help make their lives easier with information that they can use and enjoy.

Having a problem with generating new content? Check in with your customer service department and industry magazines to find out more about the issues your audience is having right now.

Think First, Blog Second

Give due consideration to how you want to present your company and any contributions to your target audience. Blogging is easy to start but must be monitored. In addition, contributors must be guided as to what is appropriate for the brand. The problem is that not every person is blessed with common sense.  You can either train your company bloggers or hire outside professional writers to manage your company blog. Learn more from your blogging experts at Copybridge, providing compelling copy for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Contact Copybridge today to discuss additional corporate blogging considerations to increase your engagement and grow your following today.


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