Do You Know Your Website’s Conversion Rates?

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Solid Advice to Identify Conversion Goals and Understand Conversion Rates


You may start to wonder:

How are visitors responding to my website and are they doing what I want them to do?

Some may think that questions about conversion are only meant for businesses with big marketing budgets and a team of people sifting through data. Asking such questions already sounds like something you are going to have to pay significant money to find out. It takes a big budget to measure success, or does it?

Efficient business practices rely upon knowing your conversion rates, knowing what works and what areas to improve and then measuring your results. The good thing about this is that understanding your conversion rates for your own business can be done by business owners of any size. Yes, I am talking to you, the solopreneurs, boot-strapped start-ups and mom and pop shops. I am here today to tell you that anyone can find out their conversion rates and improve upon them. The best thing about it is that it can be done on little to no budget for those willing to enhance their skillset. Interested in hearing more… Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Conversion?

In plain speak, a conversion is when a prospective customer takes a desired action. Sounds simple enough, right?

Many people talk about conversion as if the desired action by a prospect would only be a sale. While we love the cha-ching of making more sales, when you are starting out with simply engaging your audience, there are many more desirable actions that would show you whether or not your content and marketing approaches are working. I like this recent infographic from business2community that shows where you can begin measuring your conversion rates when it comes to your website.


Visitors begin to explore your website, due to such factors as a social media post, ad or organic search, and take an action. This action may be a sale and then we could pop open those champagne bottles and celebrate. However, many big ticket items take longer for that ultimate pay-off. We now know that many people are researching their options before committing to a purchase. Your website and offer may be placed on your prospects’ short-list. In the meantime, they are taking meaningful actions to tell you what content is working and what they are interested in. In the infographic, outside of a purchase, other important actions, or conversion goals, are to subscribe to a newsletter or whatever you choose. When individuals subscribe for more information or download a video or document, they are telling you what they want to learn more about and are knocking on your door hoping to build a meaningful relationship with you that offers them value.

What are Your Important Actions?

A little introspection is called for now. You need to identify for yourself what actions are important to enhance your understanding of the behavior and needs of your audience. Every time a user on your site takes a desired action, it increases your conversion rate for that behavior. Your rate is a percentage of the number of people taking a specific action or completing a conversion goal when compared to your site’s visitors over a selected period of time.

It is important that all of your efforts and actions everywhere else brings your audience back to your website, where you can easily access the information you need to determine what makes your audience bounce and what keeps them moving on to a purchase and beyond. The first step is to determine what actions are meaningful to your organization. Some goals worth measuring include:

  • Contact form submission;
  • Time spent on site;
  • Comments made;
  • Reviews left;
  • Video downloads; and
  • Subscription to emails or newsletters.

These actions help you better understand the behavior of prospects or returning customers and provide content, products or services that provide them additional value or improve their experience. They will also feed into your bottom-line revenue. The game is played best when you can get inside your prospect’s heads and barring a mind-reading ability, some basic analytics helps you to know what interests your prospects and what should be your next offer. Use Google Analytics to create a number of goals to be tracked in your website. A range of conversion goals are carefully considered in A Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Goals in Google Analytics. Another good article on the topic is How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics.

Prefer to Take Your Chances?


Source: Pinterest/The Weinstein Company

Doing a little analytics is much like paying attention to the “signs.” You can’t grow your business without being aware of what is happening on your website and what your customers are telling you they want. You may be missing out on a golden opportunity!

Ignoring the signs, or your website’s conversion rates, is much like working without a plan and hoping that somehow your efforts will be successful. Your customer’s behavior can help you take your website and offers to the next level. It’s up to you to see what your visitors are up to when they visit. Take decisive action with Copybridge to get a better handle on what you need to do to connect with your audience and improve your conversion rates today.


Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco is the owner of and copywriter for start-ups and small businesses. If you want your copy and promotions to get noticed, look no further. Get content writing and content planning services from a copywriting professional dedicated to your success. Email or call 631-867-2018 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.

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