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My generation shops online. If a landing page or offer fails to connect with my needs, I keep moving on to the next company. Organizations need to hit those buttons with viewers quickly online or lose eyes to the competition. This is often marked with high bounce rates for views received. The need to connect quickly with an audience applies to those in the health and wellness industries. Whether you are a physician, dentist, esthetician or massage therapist, your website is there to make a first and lasting impression. Take the time to make your pages stand out in a good way.

You probably have an amazing team of professionals and experts in their fields. However, what is being conveyed through your landing page content? Does your website and communications demonstrate your practitioners’ obvious level of professionalism and build trust during that first view?  Does the quality of content and its placement reflect your consideration of the user experience? It needs to. Take advantage of taking two steps back to make your website more attractive to those landing on your pages.

Reflect on Your Current Website Performance

Set aside the time to interact with your website like a person visiting your website for the first time. I recently recall being interested in therapeutic classes offered on Groupon. Yoga classes, chiropractic services and dental procedures are all now available on their site. When I visited the linked website listed on Groupon, there was no calendar of classes offered on the website and no way to contact the company via email. This is a big marketing no-no as many viewers are self-researching and call a company later on in the buying cycle when they have specific questions or want to purchase. Make it easy for people to find out more about your services and contact you for additional information. Take that journey as a prospect and look at your website from their perspective. Consider the following questions:

How current is the information on your website?

Most important details for brick and mortar businesses are hours of operation, accurate location listings, as well as multiple ways to contact your business. Contact information needs to be prominently displayed on multiple pages and conveniently linked when appropriate to make the process as easy as possible. Special offers should be updated. I have found outdated and irrelevant offers that have expired on health and wellness websites. This makes viewers think that your practice may no longer be in operation. Otherwise, why would you have such an offer listed? Show that you care about your practice and your audience by keeping all information on your website current.

How user-friendly is your website?

Get those eyes to stay longer and convert. Your message on landing pages needs to be crystal clear to readers and address their pain points. Use of navigational tools, and conveniently placed links and buttons make it easy for your audience to self-research the information they need to go from initial awareness to consideration and purchase. It’s all about the customer and the user-experience. These days being “user-friendly” also requires being mobile-friendly. Google provides insights on just what it takes to deliver your message across all devices. Take the Mobile-Friendly Test today.

Do you know your conversion rates?

You can’t afford to hold on to the old mindset of building a website and just forgetting about it. You have to know how it is performing. In essence, how are prospects interacting with your website and are their behaviors producing the outcomes you want? After reviewing their current actions and the events you would like them to complete, you can figure out where to update and tweak content, formatting and more. Find out:

  • What you want people to do. How would you describe a successful event outside of a purchase? Are people downloading your free offers, viewing your videos, commenting on blogs and sharing on social media, entering emails for newsletters or subscriptions and completing details on contact form submissions?
  • How long people are sticking around to view your offers. In addition, consider how to improve their “stickiness” and keep them engaged on your website.
  • Your page views versus bounce rates (when people quickly stop at a page and leave). Are some pages receiving higher bounce rates than others? What pages should you tackle first?

Learn more about checking out your landing page conversion rates here. Search Engine Journal shares the importance of identifying your conversion goals, whether they be a product sale or a contact form completion. Set up to 20 goals via Google Analytics, track successful events and get more understanding about how people are experiencing your website. Compare them to the general conversion rate within your industry. As an example, Health and Beauty Ecommerce conversion rates were approximately 12% according to a MarketingSherpa Ecommerce Benchmark Study in 2014. For companies that sell products online via their website or a linked platform, this is a useful tool for comparison. Know where your conversion rates stand and what pages outperform others to provide a baseline for future efforts and guide your strategy.

Succeed with a Strong Foundation

The long-term success of your health and wellness business depends on the fundamentals. Once, brick and mortar business only needed to worry about managing their day to day operations in the physical realm. Now, time and effort needs to be set aside to manage the face that you create and present to online audiences as well. Marcus Aurelius said:

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”

It’s your business and you can make the necessary changes yourself or hire someone who understands your end objectives. Worthwhile accomplishments come from attaining the harder goals in life. Start making changes today. Copybridge can help you create a better user experience. Contact us for content that speaks to the needs of your audience with engaging landing page content, blogs and newsletters today.

Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco is the owner of and copywriter for start-ups and small businesses. If you want your copy and promotions to get noticed, look no further. Get content writing and content planning services from a copywriting professional dedicated to your success. Email or call 631-867-2018 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.


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    • Lisa DiFalco says:

      Good question. I don’t believe there is a magic wand to get instant engagement. I think that it take consistent efforts to generate quality content and A/B testing of their website to make the most of their website. Quality content posted on the website and via social media, optimized for SEO, that is posted and updated regularly and monitored for commentary will create a following.

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