How to Make Copywriting “Magic” Happen

As a business owner or content marketer, do you have the time or energy to deal with multiple revision requests to get drafts closer to your ideal? In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to go back and forth with a writer. You would simply get great content. Copybridge knows this little secret:

Crystal clear communications make all of the difference.

How does this help? Giving a writer the resources and guidance they need before they even sit down to write can give you the “magic” results you want when it comes to your copy.

After all, isn’t that what you want, a great product and excellent customer service? Can’t you benefit from a piece of content that hits all of the right notes and moves your customer closer to conversion the first time out?

Just imagine this.

You get quality content delivered within the original time frame expected without a need for a time extension, a rewrite or a new writer.

You are not dreaming.

All of this is possible.

Sit back and let me help you get the content you deserve.

Copywriting is a Partnership

If you give nothing, you will get very little back. Tell a writer, “I am looking for 5 blogs for my new website.” That’s great news. But what else does the copywriter need to know? All blogs are not alike. Writers need your input. Let’s start off with:

• Length. Do you need a short form or long form blog? Are we talking about a topic that needs to be covered in 300 words or something closer to 2,000? Long form blogs do seem to work better for SEO purposes and in providing educational value for a reader.

• Focus. How can we promote your unique selling point? Why should people buy from you or join your subscription service? How are you any different from your competitors?

• Call to Action. Do you want a call to action to be included at the end or need a post that is more educational in nature? How do you want to prompt the reader to take the next step and either inquire for more details or go to check out?

• Purpose. Are you looking to educate a reader new to the company, service or product? How about getting them to download a freebie or send contact details? Are we engaging a reader almost ready to buy with a few final questions? Where is the reader on their way to making a purchase? This is a much bigger issue with B2B companies where multiple players may slow down the decision-making process. However, a customer looking to investigate the newest tech in refrigerators may need convincing too.

• Style and Tone. Do you have any examples of what you are looking for from a writer? Don’t just tell a writer but show them the type of content you want. This makes it easier for your writer to deliver what you need.

These are only a few of the main considerations. Similar questions can be applied to other types of content, including landing pages, press releases and direct response advertorials. When you give great direction and resources from the get go, you are much more likely to get a killer first draft. Many times that first draft will be the last.

You are the expert on your company and your product or service. Giving writers information on desired keywords, competitors and useful resources will only make the writing process that much more efficient. Get crystal clear on your needs and get high-quality content faster than you ever thought possible.

The Copywriting Magic Plan for Outstanding Content

Get the content you need from a writer who listens. Communication is an essential part of the copywriting magic formula. Clear communications between a client and a writer at the beginning of a project translates to a better product. Contact Copybridge at 631-867-2018 to schedule a free consultation with a writer invested in the success of your copywriting efforts today.



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Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco is the owner of and copywriter for start-ups and small businesses. If you want your copy and promotions to get noticed, look no further. Get content writing and content planning services from a copywriting professional dedicated to your success. Email or call 631-867-2018 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.


  1. Julie Nedele says:

    Wow! Great article and valid points to what a writer needs from the requestor, and what the requestor could expect from the quality content. Thank you, Lisa, this helped me a lot.

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