How to Harvest the Perfect Testimonials

Advice for Health and Wellness Providers

You have cultivated your relationships with your customers, sold them health products or services and even have had them returning for more. Congratulations on those major accomplishments. It looks like you are setting yourself up for success, but could you be doing more? Solid relationships are at the core of any successful health or wellness business. However, many businesses are leaving valuable fruit on the vine, fruit that can attract the next wave of customers.

Where are your testimonials?

According to Search Engine Land, 92 percent of customers are reading online reviews about local businesses and 80 percent trust online reviews as much as those provided through a personal recommendation. This applies to the perfect testimonials on your website as well as reviews posted on sites. Have you approached your customers yet for their feedback? What process do you have in place for adding new and telling testimonials for upcoming products and testimonials? You have already put in the legwork to generate business and convert your customers. Learn how to get your customers to open up and share their thoughts for others to see.

Consider a Survey

If you do not regularly see the customer, a survey would be one way for reaching out. The best surveys are short and concise. Keep your survey to 5 questions and ask questions that will serve your purpose. Begin the survey with open-ended questions. In this way, you allow your customers to provide you with honest feedback that may pleasantly surprise you. SurveyMonkey is one tool to generate your first survey. The link then created can be sent to those on your customer list and social media followers. After a few days, check back for feedback.

Surveys can also be implemented on your site, with one or two pertinent questions associated to the displayed page. This option builds in an ongoing process that can be adapted to your needs at any time and works when new or returning customers are checking out your site for new wellness products, services, the latest healthcare professional addition or a special promotion. Any response to your survey needs a response from you. You or an associate must be responsible for reaching back out to your customers. Respond within 24 hours and no later than 2-3 days from receipt of their feedback. Engagement from customers are an opportunity for you to show that you care. In addition, you may suggest a discount on a service or free trial size product as a thank you and potentially get additional sales from customers that already look to you for their wellness solutions.

Schedule Face Time

This is an easy or not so easy approach, depending on how you look at it. If you have good relationships with a number of customers, try this route. Go beyond the email approach. Use this opportunity to dig deeper and find out more about their needs and how your services or products benefit them or their business. Look for local customers and invite them out to share how your health services, products or approach help them in their lives. These talks may surprise you. You could even learn about valuable team member engagement with a customer that transformed a typical transaction into something extraordinary. For those willing to take their perfect testimonials to the next level, some customers may welcome offering their point of view in a video testimonial.

The bottom line: you want them to share their customer story, a story of how your product, service or customer service solved their problem. You will get more insight from a few such meetings than anything else. There is still nothing better than having real, live conversations with customers for valuable takeaways to evolve how you run your health and wellness business.

Harness the Power of Testimonials

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying:

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

If prospects can see the value that you offer to others–how you have changed or transformed their lives–they will want to build a long-term relationship with you. This applies in business as well as in personal relationships. Perfect testimonials serve the function of social proof and are seen as genuine reflections of what people feel or have experienced. A company that demonstrates their value will see their customers return time and time again and generate referrals from the entire customer experience that they give which each and every product or service offered. Follow Copybridge to learn how to select and make the most of your health and wellness customer testimonials with our upcoming Part 2 of our blog series.

Lisa DiFalco
Lisa DiFalco
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