The Magic. The Mystery. No, not really.

We ask probing questions. We listen to what you say. We stick to agreed specifications. We communicate with you and are available to you. Your copy says what you want and need it to. Grab attention and connect with your audience. Communication is natural and doing so should not be hard.

Clients Love

  • The responsiveness of our team.
  • The ethical way that we do business.
  • The content that says just what they want.

Copybridge Listens and Delivers

Are you being heard? Does your content match up with the needs that you expressed? Are you frustrated waiting to speak with agencies and writers and having them fix content issues? You are not alone. The sad fact is that many people and organizations do not listen to each other speak. With content writing, this leads to miscommunication, wasted time, effort and money. Copybridge is not about that type of process. Your project is not just another item to be checked off of a list. We selectively accept new clients and care about their success.

You have a product or service that you believe in. We work with clients that have a strong purpose and are passionate about contributing a message, service or product of value. Once we commit, we are invested in crafting the message that you need for the audience that you want to know better. The longer we work together, the more we understand your needs and the interests of your audience. Copybridge is here for you throughout your journey. If you are still reading, we might just be right for each other.

It seems like a simple idea: responsive customer service that provides salient content that meets requirements. Too often the basic needs of clients are not addressed and it appears profound when clients actually come across any product or service provider that actually listens and delivers.

Benefit from the Copybridge Commitment

Words From Our Clients

  • I had hired a writer to complete a large website project and the results were dismal. With an important deadline looming, I had to act fast. I had never met Lisa but seen that her work was pretty terrific. All I can say is I wish I had found Lisa long ago. Not only did I receive content that exceeded expectations, it was delivered in half the time that this type of project typically takes to complete. Her research skills and ability to effectively capture the message are second to none. I look forward to a continued business relationship with Lisa. For anyone looking for a copywriter, it is well worth your time to hire Lisa. She is extremely accommodating and professional, and you can trust your projects are in very competent hands. Many many thanks Lisa.
    KerryLee M.
    KL Consulting & Creative Copywriting
  • Lisa has been a true asset to our content writing department. She's my go-to writer for a variety of topics and always delivers thoughtful, well-researched and well-written material. And I can also depend on her to get things done on time, which I really appreciate since we always seem to be working under time pressures. I'm so pleased to have Lisa on my Love List!

    Established SEO Agency
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the project was completed. Using Lisa's template and additional communications helped highlight exactly what we needed with short notice. She was professional, easy to work with and understood the urgency of our deadline. I would definitely recommend her and use the Copybridge services again.

    Alexander L
  • I was just speaking about how responsive you are and that you communicate with your clients. I have worked with a few writers and can’t seem to get a response from them. Keep up the great work. It is so hard to find great customer service. You provide that.
    Zentrum Motors & Peeka Foods
  • Excellent writing. I made some adjustments because the legal perspective is California, so it required some change in terminology. Otherwise, excellent!

    An Established Marketing Agency
  • Lisa is great. Very responsive writer. Lisa is writing for both of our companies. Highly recommend.
    Peeka Foods
  • "Wow! Great content. Great writing. Will send you the rest of the pages to write for the website. It's very convincing- makes me want to push the buy NOW button. Thank you Lisa!!!"
    Courtesy of Zentrum Motors
  • Thanks for the great work. You’ve vastly improved this blog post!

    Emerging Company in the Fields of Business and Marketing
  • Lisa, this is awesome! I appreciate your writing. Thank you!

    An Established Marketing Agency

The Need

Copybridge came about from the perspective of a writer and of a desire for an improved platform that better meets the needs of both content creators and clients. In our experience, agencies sell a false bill of goods and then outsource projects with little information and no way to directly engage with clients and get the big picture of the driving message and how it fits within a campaign. Different voices for related items on one project makes for choppy reading and necessary concepts are not subtly reinforced within the material.

Copybridge prefers to deal directly, write content in-house and communicate with clients effectively to create content that provides value to clients and their audience. This ensures copy that captures your message.

Copybridge composes compelling copy for people with passion

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